Aktobe Regional Museum of Local History is the oldest operating museum in Aktobe. It was founded in 1929. Over the years, the museum has collected a huge fund of 104 thousand exhibits. It presents: minerals, soils, flora and fauna of the region, the remains of fossil animals found on the coast of the Ilek River, archaeological finds, household items and art, rare coins, etc. The museum consists of five departments: nature of the region, archeology and ethnography, study of the history of the region, mass educational work.


The “Nur Gasyr” mosque was founded in 2008 and is currently the central mosque of Aktobe. The mosque was built thanks to the donations of citizens who collected money for almost four years. the building of the shrine is designed in the form of a square, at the corners of which minarets with a height of 63 meters are erected. The dome is 40 meters long, it is painted with gold and is located at the central point of the building. Inside the mosque there is a spacious hall designed for 3,000 people.


St. Nicholas Cathedral is the main church of the city and the region. The church was erected in the shortest possible time and bears the name of Saint and confessor Nicholas (Mogilevsky), who once spent years of exile, exile, and repression in Aktyubinsk. The temple was erected by the efforts and contributions of the city’s residents, who wished to see the cathedral in Aktobe. The church has a sports school for boys, and conducts missionary and charitable work.