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Exhibition and Congress Facilities

Congress-Center EXPO

The Congress Center “EXPO” has unlimited possibilities for carrying out events of different formats: from international congresses to staging shows and concerts. The congress center with a total area of 43,220 square meters has three floors above the ground, as well as an underground parking lot. Together with the adjoining hotel complex and the Congress-office, it forms a single architectural ensemble. Thanks to complex fluid forms, the building of the Congress Center symbolizes the dynamics of the development of present and future achievements.

The area of the Main Event Hall is 2659 square meters. The hall is designed for 2192 visitors, while the visual area for 1600 seats is made of telescopic mobile tribunes. For holding press conferences and meetings in the Congress Center, there are four Conference Halls for 500 seats with an area of 700 square meters each. Official receptions are traditionally held in the VIP-hall “Aspan” with a panoramic balcony. The capacity of the hall is 400 people, the area is 230 square meters. The spacious lobby of the Congress Center with an area of 2305 square meters and capacity of 500 people is used as a venue for exhibitions, fairs and presentations.

Palace of independence

The building of the palace is more than 40 000 square meters and can take up to 7 000 guests per visit. Signed events took place within the walls of the Palace of Independence in the political and cultural life of the state. In the Congress Hall with an area of 4775 square meters and capacity of more than 3,000 people can pass several events simultaneously due to transforming into several parts of the panels and reliable sound insulation. For press conferences, debates, private meetings and other events, there is a Press Center with 200 seats and an area of 213.3 square meters. Meetings are also held in the Premium Hall with an area of 265.3 square meters and capacity of 80 people and two negotiation rooms of 38 square meters for 8 people and 57 square meters for 12 people.

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

A unique architectural building of the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is one of the recognizable sights of the capital. The area of the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is 28 thousand square meters, the base of the pyramid is 62×62 meters, the height is 62 meters. Hall Atrium is the largest hall of the building, with an area of 3, 069 square meters and a capacity of up to 500 people. The conference hall of the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, with a capacity of 34 people and an area of 72 square meters, holds seminars and press conferences.

For formal events, there is a comfortable and equipped VIP hall for 30 people, with an area of 110 square meters, located on the 1st floor of the building. In the additional VIP hall of the same area and with a capacity of 20 people on the 8th floor there are held courchettes. At the top of the pyramid lies the “Cradle” hall with an area of 230 square meters and a capacity of 100 people. The hall usually is used for business events and conferences.

Exhibition Center Korme

The exhibition center “Korme” has been operating on the market of Kazakhstan for about ten years and is one of the most modern multifunctional exhibition sites of the country. The complex is located in the financial center of the capital, near highways, national companies, hotels, banks, shopping and entertainment centers. Every year, it hosts a large number of events: exhibitions, fairs, forums and seminars. Due to its technical characteristics, competent use of existing technologies in organizing events, high level of service, the Exhibition Center “Korme” has earned deserved recognition of exhibition companies, international organizations, government structures. The territory of the center exceeds 28 000 square meters. One of the large halls for official and business events is the Congress Hall with an area of 1082 square meters and capacity of 500 to 900 people. For holding press conferences, briefings, meetings, the exhibition center offers conference rooms. Conference hall A and Conference hall B have the same area of 140 square meters and capacity of 27 to 80 people. For a smaller number of guests, there is Conference Hall В 1/ 2 with an area of 70 square meters and capacity of 35 people. The largest hall of the exhibition center is Conference Hall No. 1, with a capacity of 100 to 130 people and an area of 196 square meters.

Library of the First President

The Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is not only a rich library complex with an extensive archive and museum, but also an analytical, cultural, educational and research center. Within the walls of the complex there are publications from the personal library of N.A. Nazarbayev, rare, collectible and early printed editions presented to the Head of the State by other countries.

In the Library there are 8 exposition zones, where on significant dates the thematic exhibitions are held and historically significant events of the state. In the atrium of the ground floor are selected works of the President of Kazakhstan, which describe and explore the historical prerequisites and principles of formation of modern Kazakh statehood. Also in the walls of the atrium conferences are held. The hall can accommodate up to 300 participants. The total area of the Library building is 30 000 square meters.


The monument “Astana-Baiterek” is a symbol of independent Kazakhstan and one of the most recognizable sights of Astana. The building, with an area of 810 square meters, is made in a form of a tree, directed by crowns to the sky, the top of which is decorated with a ball of glass with spacious observation rooms located inside. Panoramic elevators lift visitors to almost a hundred-meter height, from where they can see the city. Inside the monument, there is a mockup of a new cultural and administrative center of the city.

Official viewing and cultural events are held in the viewing rooms of the Monument “Astana-Baiterek”. The first viewing platform “Astana-Baiterek” is a mini gallery, with an area of 90 square meters, located at an underground level of 4.5 meters. Within its walls is an exhibition of art objects of talented Kazakhstan artists. On the upper viewing platform, with a total area of 260 square meters, there is a zone for buffets with an area of 90 square meters.

Nomad City Hall

Nomad City Hall is a multipurpose stage platform. Thanks to the technology of rotating floor and stage, the venue for cultural and entertainment events turns into a venue for international congresses, forums, conferences, symposia, official meetings, plenary sessions, panel sessions, receptions and banquets. Area of Hall of energy is about 4905 square meters, its hall is designed for 1018 seats. Of these, 594 seats are located in the general room, 209 seats are located on the balcony of the second floor and 194 seats – on the balcony of the third floor. On the balcony of the second floor there are also VIP seats for 21 people. The Hall of energy is located on the territory of EXPO-2017 Exhibition Complex at the foot of Nur-Alem Sphere, it can be accessed from a parking lot and has a central VIP entrance.

Barys Arena

“Barys Arena” is a multi functional sports complex with an area of 86,773 square meters, in which not only competitions of various sports are held, but also concerts, forums, business and official events. The main ice arena of the palace accommodates almost 12,000 spectators and is able to transform into a platform for mini-football, basketball, volleyball or a creative scene. For the most convenient viewing of hockey matches, concerts and shows on the 4th floor of the complex, there are 60 VIP cabins – each with a capacity of 12 people and 2 presidential VIP cabins.

Conferences and meetings dedicated to sports, business, official and other events are held in the Press zone of 200 sq.m. and a capacity of 200 people. In the sports complex there is also an Olympic swimming pool with an area of 1325 sq.m. The pool is divided into 10 tracks 50 meters long and 25 meters wide, according to FINA rules, and also has a jumping pool equipped with towers and springboards, which allows holding international competitions in swimming, diving, water polo.


“Kazmedia Ortalygy” is a modern TV and radio broadcasting complex of a new generation located in the administrative center of Astana. It is equipped with studios of virtual reality, sound recording and replication, Sky-studio, cinema-concert complex, conference hall, media facades, exhibition hall, media school, offices, parking. The total area of the 21-storeyed building is 68,344 square meters. The wide possibilities of the complex allow carrying out activities of different levels of complexity. For these purposes, there is a conference hall with LED-video wall, sound equipment and equipment for simultaneous interpretation. A comfortable conference hall with an area of 537.2 square meters and capacity for up to 90 people is a convenient place for seminars, business meetings, video and press conferences, presentations, promotions, corporate training. Large-scale events and receptions are held in the exhibition hall with an area of 1 335 square meters and capacity of 1000 people.

Astana Arena

Stadium “Astana Arena” is focused primarily on football, but can be adapted for other sports events, including such as wrestling, judo and boxing. “Astana Arena”, with a capacity of 30,000 people, is conceived as a large amphitheater with a two-level structure: a lower terrace with 16,000 seats surrounding the playing field and a top position for 14,000 seats hanging from the western and eastern sides. The sliding roof of the stadium is fully opened and closed in 20 minutes.

The stadium has a high-quality artificial field and the infrastructure of all rooms, adapted to host world-class matches, sports and cultural events. Dimensions of the soccer field of the stadium -105×68 meters. The tribunes are equipped with VIP-boxes for press. For holding press conferences there is a conference hall with an area of 137 sq.m. and a capacity of -70 people.

Cycle track Saryarka

The Republican cycle track Saryarka is one of the best sports facilities in the world, with an area of 44,000 square meters and capacity of 9195 seats. The track has a wooden cover of 250 meters and a width of 7 meters. For the convenience of bicycle racers, the track has a 42-degree inclination at corners and 12.5 degrees on straight sections.

The cycle track is always moving counter-clockwise. In the walls of the complex there are also rolling rink, boxing, gymnastics, game halls and mini football fields, hotel, restaurant, fitness center, office premises. The conference hall of the cycle track, with an area of 297 square meters and capacity of 204 people is the venue for official press conferences, briefings and official meetings.

Concert Hall «Astana»

The history of the Concert Hall “Astana” dates back to 1963, when the Palace of the virgin lands was built in record time, which became a visiting card of the city due to the unusual for those times architectural appearance. In 1998, the Palace of the virgin lands, after the reconstruction, changed its name to Congress Hall, and in 2016 acquired its modern name. Today the State Academic Philharmonic is located in the building of the Concert Hall “Astana”. The total area of the Concert Hall “Astana” is 6697 square meters, where the key place is occupied by the auditorium with the area of 1889 square meters and capacity of 1620 seats. The auditorium is equipped with a modern music system, and its scene is conveniently viewed from all visual places.

Ice Palace Alau

Alau is a world-class ice palace for competitions in speed skating, hockey, short track and figure skating. The palace arena consists of a 400-meter ice track with stands for 7,462 seats, a panel of judges, two hockey courts – each with an area of 1800 square meters, a fitness center with an area of 4200 square meters, a shooting range with an area of 900 square meters, and a hall for press-conferences and exhibitions with an area of 200 square meters and seats for 80 people.

The area of the Alau complex is more than 65 000 square meters. Alau is one of the most visited sports facilities in Kazakhstan. On weekdays, sections of the stadium are visited by about 1500 people daily, and on weekends and holidays, according to the project “Mass skating” – 2000-3000 people a day. The project “Mass skating” is functioning from October to April.

CCH Kazakhstan

The central concert hall “Kazakhstan” is the first metropolitan complex equipped with the most advanced technologies and intended for holding mass events: solemn and official meetings, concerts of world and domestic stars, conferences, presentations, meetings and exhibitions. The CCH “Kazakhstan” is a platform for the activities of the State Concert Organization “Kazackconcert”. Here work the best artists and creative teams of the country, representing different creative genres: folk art, classics, variety art.

The creative staff includes folk-ethnographic ensemble, State Chamber Orchestra “Academy of Soloists”, theater “Astana Musical”, variety, opera singers. The main venue for performances is the large Concert Hall, designed for 3,500 guests. The hall is divided into 4 sectors: ground floor, mezzanine, balcony, gallery and it can change the number of visual places to 2000, cutting off the upper level – the gallery and the far balcony. Cultural events are also held in the chamber hall for 250 seats, with an area of 420.5 square meters. In the conference hall, with capacity of 200 people and an area of 236.7 square meters, there are held meetings and presentations devoted to important events in the field of art.

Sports Palace «Kazakhstan»

Sports Palace “Kazakhstan”, with a capacity of more than 5000 people, is not only a modern universal platform for various sports, but also a large arena for cultural events of international level. The pearl of the sports palace is the ice arena for hockey, with an area of 1800 square meters. Thanks to a unique refrigeration unit, its artificial ice is smooth and transparent. Over 4,000 spectators gather in the indoor arena during hockey match. Large and small swimming pools are open for visitors. At the Sports Palace there is a hotel of three floors and 38 rooms. For holding press conferences in the Palace there is a conference hall with an area of 83.5 square meters and capacity of 90 people.

Palace of schoolchildren

The Palace of schoolchildren was built according to a special project for the additional development of children and youth. The younger generation had the opportunity to study in a high-tech educational institution. On the territory of the complex with an area of 61,274.6 square meters there are: planetarium, virtual laboratory of augmented reality, winter garden and educational and creative circles.

Meetings of children with famous and talented people of culture, art, cinema and sports and thematic conferences are held within the walls of the Palace. To conduct such significant events, a conference hall for 50 people and an area of 51 square meters is provided, as well as a larger forum hall with 266 seats, with a total area of 125 square meters. Creative performances and celebratory programs are traditionally held in the Concert Hall for 456 seats and an area of 907 square meters. A multi functional hall with 300 seats and a total area of 170 square meters has great technical possibilities for holding various events.